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What are dental crowns for Shelby Township area patients?

Dental crowns are common dental restorations that are used to preserve a natural tooth. The tooth may be damaged or weakened and require extra protection. This allows the tooth to function properly. The purpose of a dental crown is to give the tooth strength and prevent it from experiencing further breakage.

Dental crowns, also known as caps, are commonly created with porcelain. Porcelain crowns are extremely popular due to their cosmetic appeal. Porcelain is a material that very closely mimics the appearance of natural tooth enamel while being strong. Crowns are milled from porcelain and fabricated with precise shading to match a patient’s existing teeth. They are bonded over the tooth and they look completely natural when in place.

To have a dental crown made and placed, patients first visit their dentist for an initial preparation appointment. During this visit, Dr. Aurelia removes a small portion of the outside enamel. This helps to address some of the thickness of the tooth to make the crown fit over the natural tooth. An impression is completed of the existing tooth after preparation and is sent to an outside laboratory for creation. The dental crown is sent back to the dental practice, and the patient comes back to the office to have the crown bonded over the tooth.

These restorations are also used to restore dental implants. When a Shelby Township area patient has had a dental implant placed, they require a dental crown to be placed on top to finish the look. A full dental crown is made to match the existing teeth and is placed over the implant using an abutment. This allows the crown and implant to replicate a false tooth and bring a smile back to its original beauty.

Dr. John L Aurelia of the Rochester community proudly offers a wide variety of general and cosmetic treatments for patients in and around the area. He is happy to take new patients into his practice for treatments to improve the health and wellbeing of a patient’s smile. Call today to schedule a consultation appointment and learn more about dental crowns and other restorative options.

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