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The dentistry services offered in our Rochester practice help you keep your breath fresh

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Although we pay close attention to how our teeth look, and take measures to keep them bright and clean, we can easily forget the far-reaching impact of oral hygiene. What we’re talking about here is the breath. No one wants to feel as though their breath has a foul odor. When this condition does occur, many people think it may stem from some sort of issue in the stomach, or that breath has been affected by a certain type of food. There are certain foods that do, indeed, lead to bad breath. Foods like onions and garlic often produce a distinct odor. This odor, however, can be decreased by eating parsley with the triggering meal or by chewing gum after the meal. It is when there is seemingly no direct cause that bad breath becomes a concern.
The most common cause of chronic bad breath lies right in the mouth. We all have millions of tiny microorganisms that live on the tongue, cheeks, and teeth. These oral bacteria live in a specific balance, good with bad. Often, an imbalance in bacteria occurs, and we begin to experience the effects of aggressive forms that weaken teeth and gums through their toxic waste.
When allowed, bacteria in the mouth will continuously feed on tiny particles of food, and even the remnants of sugary beverages, long after a meal has been enjoyed. What continually eats also continuously secretes, and the waste that is left in the mouth can lead to several problems. Within the substance secreted by oral bacteria are toxic acid and sulfur compounds, which can lead to bad breath, as well as cavities and gum disease.
Simply by brushing teeth after every meal, you can greatly diminish the effects of oral bacteria. The act of brushing and flossing removes the food source for these microorganisms, and washes many of them away. In this single step, you are able to greatly reduce the risk of greeting others with less-than-fresh breath.
In addition to caring for teeth with excellent daily practice, oral bacteria can be battled with ongoing professional care. During routine dental examinations, teeth are checked for plaque and tartar buildup, substances that should be removed as soon as possible. Plaque, and especially tartar, provide the perfect home for bacteria, giving them a place to flourish and multiply in the absence of oxygen. Daily oral care inhibits the formation of plaque, but is not effective at removing tartar, which is a substance that has hardened on teeth.
At the heart of bad breath, you will often find bacteria. With excellent daily hygiene and our professional dentistry services in Rochester Hills, you can guard your oral health and enjoy fresh breath. Contact us for your visit with Dr. Aurelia today.
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