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With implant dentistry from Dr. John Aurelia, you can smile with total confidence

from Dr. John Aurelia, you can smile with total confidence

The American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons performed a poll a few years ago, which revealed that approximately 70 percent of American adults are missing one or more teeth by the age of 44, caused by either extensive damage from cavities, physical trauma, or gum disease. The risk of tooth loss only increases as we grow older, with 26 percent of those aged 74 and older requiring full-mouth restoration.

When a permanent tooth or teeth are lost, it is important to find the optimal form of replacement as soon as possible. The absence of teeth can lead to the shifting of remaining teeth, and oral bacteria can gain momentum against optimal oral health.

Where there was once only one of two ways to replace a missing tooth or teeth, dental bridgework or dentures, we now have more options available than ever before. Bridgework may be fixed or removable, in the form of a partial denture. And even dentures have improved over the past several decades. The denture appliances made today are crafted with more precision for a better fit, and made with high quality materials for a natural aesthetic. The problem is, conventional dentures for total tooth replacement still rely on suction for stability.

Improving tooth replacement with dental implants

Dental implants were first developed more than thirty years ago. This form of tooth replacement has been proven through years of follow-up, which shows us that many of those first treated with dental implants are still enjoying the full function and natural beauty that comes from this procedure. Implants, in contrast to dentures, are situated within healthy jawbone tissue. After a short healing time, the tiny cylinders become fused into the bone, where they will remain as long as the bone stays healthy.

The benefits that come from this structure are many. In addition to providing the highest degree of stability for an artificial tooth, or even a denture appliance, implants also ensure that bone tissue within the jaw remains intact for many years, as this tissue is sufficiently stimulated through the replacement of teeth roots.

Whether you are seeking replacement for a single tooth, or are ready for a stable alternative to conventional dentures, Dr. John Aurelia is your experienced dental professional for successful implant care. Contact us for more information on dental implants, or to schedule your appointment.

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