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We can help patients in Rochester Hills who suffer from chronic TMJ headaches

TMJ Headache Rochester Hills

Chronic headaches are a painful and unfortunately common occurrence for many Americans. They can impact your job, your family, and your quality of life and need to be addressed right away. The source of these headaches could the grinding and clenching of teeth associated with TMJ disorders. Tooth grinding is a habit that can cause a host of problems, including breaking or cracking of the teeth, enamel erosion, and chronic headaches. At the office of Dr. John Aurelia, DDS, in Rochester Hills, we use custom appliances to help our patients reduce grinding and finally feel relief from their headaches.

The majority of tooth grinding occurs at night while you are sleeping. The appliance is designed as a bite guard to keep the back molars separated from the opposing teeth. This dramatically reduces clenching to relieve headaches.

Why does clenching cause headaches?

When teeth are being clenched, there is a powerful contraction of muscles. This contraction can cause pain in the joints and surrounding tissues. When we eliminate, or cut down on clenching, the muscles relax, eliminating the pain. This relief can often come in as little as a few days.

What are the symptoms of bruxism?

  • Chronic, painful headaches
  • Tooth sensitivity
  • Pain in the jaw
  • Earaches
  • Worn down teeth

People grind and clench their teeth for many reasons. Some do it when they are stressed or angry. Others do it when they are having difficulty sleeping. Sometimes it can even be caused by certain medications, or simply a misalignment of the teeth.

Custom oral appliances are effective at eliminating headaches because they address the cause of the headaches rather than the symptoms. To learn more about how our custom oral appliances work and to find out if your headaches are a result of bruxism, call us to schedule a consultation.

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