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Dentist in Rochester, MI offers headache and migraine treatment options for chronic sufferers

A woman with a headache holding a whiskey against a gray background is a health problem

Do you struggle with chronic headaches and migraines? Are you dealing with a low quality of life due to continued pain and discomfort? Are you seeking a solution for your condition that is safe and free from medication? Dr. John L. Aurelia and Dr. Dina Khoury are dentists in the …

Treatment for TMJ headaches in Rochester MI

Dr. John Aurelia at John Aurelia, DDS, PLLC provides proven treatment for headaches in Rochester, MI

Can your jaw cause you a headache? The answer might surprise you. Headaches can occur due to the temporomandibular joint (TMJ). The disorders related to the TMJ are known as temporomandibular disorders (TMD). You should choose a qualified and experienced dentist who can provide safe and effective treatment for TMD. …

How to relieve headaches with treatment for TMJ/TMD in Rochester Hills, MI

Tmj Tmd Treatment Rochester Hills

Rochester Hills, MI area patients who have been dealing with chronic headaches, broken restorations, and a tight jaw may want to speak to their dental team about the possibility of getting a diagnosis and treatment for TMJ disorder (TMD). What is TMJ/TMD? TMJ and TMD are terms often used interchangeably. …

What is the difference between TMD and TMJ, and what treatment is available near Rochester, MI?

Difference between TMD and TMJ explained by dentist in Rochester MI

Dr. John L. Aurelia, Dr. Dina Khoury, and the staff at our practice near Rochester, MI work with patients every day who experience concerns with their oral health and wellness. When issues such as TMD arise, our team can provide effective treatment options for patients to consider. What is TMD? …

You can find TMD treatment options at your Rochester Hills dental office

You can find TMD treatment options at John L. Aurelia, D.D.S., PLLC,Rochester Hills dental office

At the office of Drs. John Aurelia and Dr. Dina Khoury, we have expertise and training in treating patients who suffer from temporomandibular disorder or TMD. TMD is a complex disorder that can cause patients pain and limited jaw mobility. If you are in the Rochester Hills, MI area, you …

We can help patients in Rochester Hills who suffer from chronic TMJ headaches

TMJ Headache Rochester Hills

Chronic headaches are a painful and unfortunately common occurrence for many Americans. They can impact your job, your family, and your quality of life and need to be addressed right away. The source of these headaches could the grinding and clenching of teeth associated with TMJ disorders. Tooth grinding is …

Rochester Hills dentist eases TMJ/TMD pain with noninvasive oral appliance therapy

dentist eases TMJ/TMD pain with noninvasive oral appliance therapy

It may come as a surprise to you that relief for everything from chronic headaches to neck pain is available at your trusted dentist’s office, John L. Aurelia, DDS, PLLC. Managing TMJ/TMD in Rochester Hills TMJ refers to the temporomandibular joint connecting the jawbone to the skull. TMD actually refers …

Relief from TMJ disorder from your Troy area dentist

Relief from TMJ disorder

For patients who are suffering the symptoms of TMJ disorder, finding relief means finding a dentist who can provide the right treatment. We often find that many patients have the symptoms of TMJ disorder, but have not received an accurate diagnosis, so they don’t know where to turn for treatment. …

Invisalign Orthodontic treatment can help patients in Rochester, MI with TMJ disorders

Invisalign Orthodontic treatment can help

When it comes to orthodontic treatment, there is no shortage of benefits. In addition to a beautiful smile and improved self-esteem, orthodontic treatment can improve the health of the mouth. Orthodontics helps correct jaw alignment, alleviate symptoms of TMJ and can also play a role in preventing tooth decay, gum …

Fix painful, disruptive TMJ symptoms at your Rochester Hills dentist’s office

Fix painful, disruptive TMJ symptoms John L. Aurelia, DDS, PLLC

If you suffer from migraines, dizziness, vision disturbances, ringing in the ears, and neck and back pain, chances are your Rochester Hills, John L. Aurelia, DDS, PLLC may not be the first medical professional you turn to for help. However, as unlikely as it may seem from the outset, you …

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