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Conventional, conservative dental crown procedure suits patients’ unique needs in Rochester Hills

John L. Aurelia, DDS, PLLC approaches dental restorations with long-term health in mind. Traditionally, the dental crown may have been a “go-to” treatment for decay, but there is more than one way to do the dental crown procedure in Rochester Hills. Some patients benefit from a more conservative approach whereas others may find success with the “full-coverage” option to treat extensive decay or to replace a large filling.

Understanding your unique needs

Crowns are restorations designed to look, feel, and function like natural, healthy teeth. The dentist places both full-coverage crowns, and partial crowns, or onlays, for modest treatment needs.

When the doctor discusses crowns as a form of tooth replacement, he is referring to the full-coverage option. Porcelain or other dental materials are shaped to create a new tooth, which fits over existing tooth structure like a cap or crown fits over your head. Crowned teeth can serve as the part of the bridge that supports an artificial tooth or pontic. Also, crowns are placed over implants by way of a connector piece or abutment.

Full crowns can also hold together badly cracked, decayed, or broken teeth. Not every patient needs a full crown. Sometimes, the dentist can rebuild your damaged tooth with a more modest amount of dental material. The porcelain will be fabricated and placed to strategically build up the damaged areas of the tooth. Onlays treat smaller areas of decay than full crowns. Think of onlays as fitting on both the grooves and the points of the tooth. They are primarily used to restore the chewing surface of molars without covering the entire tooth.

The more natural structure retained, the more natural the appearance, feel, and function of the restored tooth. What will best meet your needs? Find out by calling (248) 651-6810 to schedule a consultation.


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