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What are dental crowns for patients in the Troy area?

General and cosmetic dentists use a variety of restorations to improve the appearance and function of their patients’ smiles. Dr. John L. Aurelia finds that dental crowns are extremely popular in his practice.

These restorations are made of porcelain, which is a strong and beautiful material commonly used for dental treatments. Porcelain closely resembles the texture and appearance of natural tooth enamel, making it an aesthetic treatment for covering and restoring natural teeth within the smile. It can be made to appear any color, which is the best way to ensure it matches with the rest of the teeth in the dental arch for seamless integration.

Dental crowns are fabricated from an impression at a dental laboratory with specific instructions from the dentist. After the tooth has been prepared, which includes removal of some of the enamel, a mold is made. Preparation ensures a tight fit and reduces the amount of bulk added when the crown is placed. The dental laboratory creates the crown, while the patient is fitted for a temporary restoration to wear for several weeks. The patient returns to the dental office for the placement of the final restoration, which requires the dentist to bond the crown onto the tooth.

Most patients are appropriate candidates for the placement of dental crowns. They are used to disguise imperfections of the natural tooth, including breakage and permanent staining or discoloration. They are also used to protect teeth that have experienced trauma or undergone root canal therapy. A root canal can leave a tooth weak and brittle. A dental crown is the best way to restore the strength and appearance of the tooth after root canal therapy.

Dr. Aurelia is committed to ensuring that patients in the Troy community have access to restorations, treatments, and services that can improve the appearance and function of a natural smile. Patients are encouraged to visit his state-of-the-art facility in Rochester and learn about the restorative and cosmetic treatments available through his practice. He welcomes new patients and families to his dental practice, and enjoys assisting others in enhancing and restoring their beautiful smiles!


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