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Rochester Hills, MI Invisalign wearers benefit from unnoticeable aligners

unnoticeable Invisalign aligners From Dr. John Aurelia

Crooked, turned, or crowded teeth have many causes. Frequently adult teeth grow in improperly – at the wrong angles or with the wrong spacing.
Maybe over time your teeth have become crooked. Perhaps you’ve had some extractions or restorations that have caused your teeth to shift.
Whatever the case may be and whatever your age, we have options to help you feel better about how your teeth look and you will feel better too. Crowded teeth are harder to clean. They rub against other teeth and cause wear.

Solution to crooked teeth

Straightening solutions have come a long way from what you may remember as a child. Traditionally, fixed metal braces were the only solution, now there is a better way.

A better solution?

For teens and adults alike, we offer Invisalign aligners. You can straighten your teeth with aligners and no one will know (but you and your dentist).
The series of custom aligners are transparent; however, unlike braces, these invisible plastic appliances may be removed for cleaning, eating, or special occasions.
Invisalign’s cost and treatment time is comparable to metal braces.


With Invisalign, you can maintain good oral hygiene practices. Removing the aligner makes it easy to brush and floss properly. You may also find the aligners more comfortable than braces, whose wires and brackets can rub and irritate the gum tissue and mouth. Another advantage with this innovative procedure is we can track the progress of your treatment. A 3D model of your mouth visually illustrates how your teeth are shifting into place after every stage of treatment.
You get all these advantages with a proven straightening technique. You change to a new aligner every two weeks. New aligners correspond to your treatment plan, and represent incremental progress towards your goal for a straight smile.
At John L. Aurelia, DDS, PLLC, we want you to experience all the benefits of today’s straightening techniques with Invisalign aligners in Rochester Hills, MI. Call our office at (248) 651-6810.
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