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What are the benefits of orthodontic treatment from a Troy area Invisalign dentist?

Invisalign Braces for crooked teeth from Dr. John Aurelia

A beautiful smile starts with properly aligned teeth. When teeth are spaced too far apart, overcrowded, or crooked, they can affect a patient’s overall appearance. An unattractive smile can also make a patient feel extremely self-conscious about the way they look. The only way to realign a smile is to undergo orthodontic treatment. While many patients instantly think of traditional metal bracket and wire braces, they may be unaware that there are alternative options. Invisalign orthodontics is available through an Invisalign dentist. Troy area residents can receive Invisalign treatment from Dr. John L. Aurelia. At his practice, improving smiles is his specialty!
Invisalign orthodontics use clear aligner trays that a patient wears to realign the teeth gently. They are discreet, easy to wear and use, and provide several benefits over traditional braces available through an orthodontist.
First, Invisalign braces are clear. They do not cover the smile in the same way as conventional braces, which require that brackets be glued to the front of the teeth. Instead, the aligner trays are slipped over the teeth and are hard to distinguish on a patient’s smile during treatment.
Second, Invisalign does not restrict the patient from foods and candies. Those with traditional orthodontics are restricted from enjoying items such as popcorn and taffy. Invisalign aligners are removed when a patient eats and drinks, which allows them to enjoy everything that they would otherwise not be allowed.
Third, the treatment is affordable. In most circumstances, the cost of Invisalign is comparable to, or even less than, traditional orthodontics. When patients want to avoid embarrassing metal in their smiles, they will typically choose the “clear”winner!
Fourth, Invisalign is easy to clean, and makes it simpler for patients to maintain good oral health habits. Brackets and wires over the teeth can make brushing and flossing difficult. The aligner trays slip out and allow a patient to take good care of their teeth throughout their orthodontic treatment.
Patients who are considering orthodontics to improve their smile are encouraged to educate themselves about Invisalign orthodontics, and consider the clear alternative!
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