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Rochester Hills area dentist describes how Invisalign can improve teeth alignment

Teeth Alignment Using Invisalign Braces From Dr. John Aurelia In Rochester Hills

Invisalign is a popular orthodontic method considered by patients in and around the Rochester Hills area who are interested in improving the alignment of their teeth. Invisalign is a clear tray alignment system that provides an alternative treatment to conventional orthodontia. Traditional braces are still appropriate in some instances, but patients who have mild to moderate misalignment or who need to align their bite may be appropriate candidates for Invisalign treatment.
Invisalign works by gently repositioning teeth using clear aligner trays. These are made of medical grade plastics and are stiff yet comfortable. They slowly push teeth into better positions when patients wear them all day and night. Each tray is worn for approximately two weeks when the next one is inserted. Patients clean and care for their teeth with brushing and flossing and the aligner trays should be cared for in a similar manner to keep them functioning their best.
The process starts with a consultation appointment with Dr. John L. Aurelia. He can determine if patients are appropriate candidates for this orthodontic service. Patients with overcrowding may require extraction of one or more teeth in order to continue the process, patients with severe concerns may still need to visit a specialist for treatment with traditional orthodontia.
Once patients are deemed appropriate for treatment, they undergo a series of impressions, which are sent to the Invisalign laboratories for the fabrication of the trays. These trays are sent to the dentist within a few weeks, and patients are educated on how to use and care for their trays for optimum results. Patients visit periodically to check on the progress obtained with the aligner trays.
If you live in the Rochester Hills area or surrounding communities and are ready to consider alternative solutions to conventional braces, contact our team today to schedule a consultation appointment and examination to determine if you are an appropriate candidate for Invisalign orthodontics. Our team is ready to help new and existing patients feel more confident with their natural smile!
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